My Interests....

For ease of reference,
I have compiled a list of My Dominant interests.

First, some thoughts on what I do...

On Bondage....

I find rope bondage to be a very sensual experience. My rope is the surface, the boundary, between freedom and inertia, movement and stillness. You press against it, you struggle within it, you resign yourself to it. Our dances can be many. I may entice you into My web, enveloping you within a shroud of rope. You may become a piece of living art, as I playfully create an intricate lattice-work around you. I may cruelly take you, tying you down tight as you struggle. Looking into your eyes and seeing the resignation there to your helpless state--for Me, this brings the greatest satisfaction. Now bound, immobile, blindfolded and gagged, you are transformed. I leave you a silent, struggling, erotic trophy. My threads tie you to Me. You are bound to Me, and only bound to Me can you be free.

On Pain....

A more appropriate term, in My opinion, is suffering. Pain being a very physical, visceral thing, I think of it more as suffering. Suffering for My pleasure, suffering for Me, because I demand it of you--pleasing Me with your sacrifice. My favorite slave refers to Me as a romantic sadist. And I admit that is true. It is not so much that I hurt you because I enjoy inflicting pain, but that you take it for Me--you willingly and eagerly suffer in devotion to Me. And that is the greatest gift you can bestow...the sacrifice of your flesh...the torment of your mind...the anguish of your heart...given in devotion to Me.

On Submission....

Submission, service, surrender. In my time spent among you, I have come to appreciate the genuine need many have to serve. Excellence in service is a discipline I highly admire. But submission is more than merely performing tasks for my benefit. This, initially, may be your desire. However, ultimately you must surrender all desires and be a yearning vessel for My Will alone.

Of the vast array of dark pleasures I enjoy,
the ones below are of particular interest....

  • Bondage, particularly sensual rope bondage, suspension and extended sensory deprivation
  • Floggings and unusual punishment
  • Nipple teasing and torment/creative CBT
  • Equestrian Training and other animal role-play
  • Over the knee spanking, paddling, caning, and English discipline
  • Foot Worship, trampling, and smothering
  • Needle-play and Medical art (needle-lacing, cuttings, body piercing, probes)

As I am a romantic sadist, it is important to Me that you find a sense of satisfaction within My embrace. But if you truly wish to win My heart, you will allow our rapport to grow to where I know what I do to you, or inflict upon you, truly excites your deepest passions--to the point where it hurts and frightens you. you will sink deeper and deeper, until My desires ARE your passions, and you must submit completely to My will. In your heart you will have no other choice. Be warned, if our energies click, you will not remain unchanged.

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