Japanese Tea Ceremony
as an Act of Service

at The Floating World
Saturday, August 16th,

The graceful art of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, known as Chado - the Way of Tea - has been practiced in Japan for over 400 years. Heavily steeped in the philosophy of Zen Buddhism, it raises the humble act of preparing tea to a spiritually powerful gift of service. This class will be a lecture on the history and significance of Chado and a demonstration of the basic Tea Ceremony in the Urasenke Tradition, with an emphasis on its application as an act of service.

Lady Chandra is a life-style dominant woman who has been active in the Philadelphia BDSM community for over 10 years. In that time, she has given several workshops on some of her favorite topics, including Japanese Rope Bondage, Equestrian Training, and Blood Play. For the last three years she has been formally studying Tea in the Urasenke Tradition and gives Tea demonstrations monthly in the Philadelphia area. In 2006, she spent 2 months in Japan deepening her knowledge of Buddhist culture. Last year she presented "Japanese Tea Ceremony as an Act of Service" for the Art of Slavery group in Philadelphia.

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